eVisionR has developed a Collaborative Cloud Platform named " iVisionR " associated with a range of mobile applications  targeted towards Pedestrians, Municipalities, Entrepreneurs and Citizens.

With dedicated initiative towards the "Citizens of a connected city", the range of applications (Android and coming soon iOS) offers a set of Cloud Services allowing a communication of closeness that strongly binds together our Pedestrian-Citizens with Associations, Enterprises and Administrations.

Targeting the worldwide market, the Cloud Platform "iVisionR " has designed the application suite in 6 different languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian) and is operational in every geography of  the World.

At iVisionR, our Board of Directors consists of 4 members and co-founders.

Our board members come with a diverse expertise across multiple domains such as Telecommunication, Marketing, Business Law, Engineering, Information Technology as well as Social & Environment Sciences.

At the Launch phase, the expertise of 2 of our operational members of the Council is essentially concentrated towards building and maintenance of a robust IT architectures as well as their primary focus is to enabledevelopments of Mobile applications and Webservices.

The Managers have a wide range of experiences, competencies and perspectives of the international market, mainly in Europe, the Middle East and India with a good knowledge of North America and Latin America.