We believe that by adopting a unique common multi-lingual platform on a worldwide basis and through the participation of citizens and by undertaking a concerted effort among the municipalities across several  regions together, we will be able to make this endeavor a true successful one.

We belive that having implemeted proprietary applications for every municipalities would definitely lead to inconsistenties and incompatibilities at the functional and operational level. This will also lead to standard wars among several different applications, mainly in a mobility world where citizen travel from one city to another city, or one neighborhood to another. Therefore, in our approach, we do avoid proprietary standards to be implemented by each cities.

Citizen will then be asked to download hundreds of Applications, when traveling or depending of their location, during holidays or when visiting family.

Using our mobile application, citizens can post reports on all pedestrian issue across the geographies whereever they travel to and it is us who will ensure that their concerns routed to appropriate department and authorities of the said region.

Also, the idea of Crowdsourcing or gaining ideas or services from communities via online tools, is growing tremendously among local authorities.

At eVisionR group, we enable aunique "Cloud Platform iVisionR" to host multiple Mobile Applications.

At this moment we offer two mobile applications:"CIT2ADM For Pedestrians" and "CIT2ADM For Municipalities" connected to iVisionR Cloud Platform.

With this flexible and soft Architecture, we help Authorities define, what is important and what is background noise, that is being generated by Citizens on a daily basis, and also during any local initiative or any specific event in the territory.

"iVisionR Cloud Platform" provides an open approach where citizens and authorities come together to build a policy and create new services to support the desired outcome for the community.