In order to realize our dreams, eVisionR is looking for new partners in France and abroad to promote its "iVisionR Cloud Platform" and its associated applications, and to follow up, acting as Distributor of the full solution in a defined and agreed geography.

The countries and regions, targeted initially, are to be located in geographies listed below and whose languages are already covered:

• Europe: Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Benelux, UK, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Portugal

Australia &North America: United States, Canada, New Zealand

South America: Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, Equateur, Colombia

• Africa & Middle East: Algeria, Morocco, Emirates, Qatar, Senegal, South Africa.

Asia: India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam

We are looking for one or more partners representing one of the above countries. We wish our partners to play the following roles towards Public Sectors & Administrations.

- Explore local business opportunities of the target market.

- Ensure a close follow-up with the public administration and its departments.

- Establish a strong relationship with Associations and Administrations to foster greater co-operation among entities and

- Encourage teamwork at every level of work.


Please contact us at the following address: