At CIT2ADM we believe that sustainable solutions for the major pedestrian issues can only be achieved through engaging dialogues among all the major stakeholders and also through undertaking a concerted efforts together. We intend to regularly engage discussions among various entities and stakeholders such as the citizens, associations, administrations, sponsors and then capture those vital inputs into our publications.

We believe that holistic solutions can be arrived at by fostering discussions. Our publications reflect this ethos. We regularly engage with national and global business leaders, influencers, and decision makers to understand upcoming issues and capture these discussions in our publications. Please find below summarized versions of the list of publications. Apart from that we intend to undertake surveys on various social and security aspects for our pedestrians in particular and citizens in general.

We promise to keep you abreast from time to time with finding from our survey reports.

We will also keep you informed on latest tools, technologies which will hugely help us improve our lives. At the same time, we will keep you updated on latest pedestrians challenges and its possible resolutions.

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