Todays’ roads are busier than ever. With a number of vehicles on the streets being on the rise, and with every passing day it becomes an utmost important aspect for Pedestrians to stay alert at all time while walking on sidewalks and crossing the streets. Here, we have compiled a few Smart Rules & Best Practices which every pedestrian should adopt and follow in day-to-day life.

Stop, Look, Listen & then Cross: It is evident that when, as a pedestrian, you crossing a busy road, you have to take the biggest responsibility for yourself than anyone else. You should never trust the driver of the vehicle you are facing right in front of you and take for granted the fact that he will take care of you. Therefore, before you cross the road you should stop, then first look left then right and then finally left just before you start crossing the road. Keep your ears fully open and listen carefully to the horns and other sounds as much as possible.

Use zebra crossing: Zebra crossings are the de-facto pathways to cross the roads all over the world. Therefore, while crossing the roads you should always use the zebra crossings. If, however, you do not find a zebra crossing then you can do:

 - Ask the Traffic Police to guide you on how to cross the road.

 - If you are unable to locate Traffic Police then use the traffic signal post as they wish to cross.

Be Seen: You should always stand and/or walk in a spot/place where you are being clearly visible by other vehicles driving towards you. You should stand or walk in a place where there is enough light. Do not stay hidden or obstructed by other people or objects as this will increase the risk of getting hurt by other vehicles. When the visibility is low due to rain or fog try to wear bright clothing, and lights or reflective clothing.

Pavement: Use pavements while walking wherever you can. Pavements are nominated pathways for pedestrians and please remember, it is illegal to use roads wherever pavements are available.

Avoid Mobile Phones & Hands-free: Using mobile phones even on hands-free mode can be dangerous for you as a pedestrian. Mobile phones are a cause of great distraction and are fatal many a times. Restrain yourself from calling or taking any calls during while you are walking. If it is inevitable for you to attend the call, the first stop and find a safe place for you (such as a street corner or park). Then finish the call and continue. At the same time avoid listening to music using headphones. It’s essential for you to keep your eyes and ears open so you get vital alerts on what’s happening around you. So make sure you use them. Please note that "On average, a pedestrian is killed every two hours and injured every seven minutes in traffic crashes", and many of them due to the use of mobile phones.

Pet Strategies: While taking your pets out on the streets, keep them on a leash and avoid rushing off the sidewalk or other pedestrians.

Walk Predictably: While you are walking on the road try not be in too much hurry because that may lead you to trouble.